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Ring Size Guide

A proposal marks a pivotal moment in your romantic journey. With the placement of a diamond engagement ring on your loved one’s finger, you are deepening the love and commitment you share.

For a perfect proposal, you need to plan various details, from the location to the words to the sizing of your engagement ring. Imagine the scenario: the ambience is perfect, the mood is set, and as you bend down on one knee with a heart full of emotions, the ring doesn't fit. Such a misstep can distract from the beauty of the moment.

We're here to ensure that your chosen engagement ring reflects the significance of your love and your proposal in every way. Dive into our ring size guide UK to ensure a perfectly fitted ring.

Ring Size Charts

When looking at engagement rings in different countries, you will notice a variation in the ring sizing options. From letters to numbers, the standards vary greatly.

Here we explore the sizing guide for rings in different regions:

UK Ring Sizes

Ring sizes are determined by letters in the UK, starting from A and going up to Z. For larger sizes, it continues with Z+1, Z+2, Z+3, and Z+4.

The alphabet corresponds to a specific diameter and circumference. To ensure you select the right size, use a tape measure and measure the circumference around the ring finger (or the fourth finger on your left hand) in millimetres (mm). Then, use the UK ring size chart below to find the corresponding letter.

Ring Size Conversion Charts

As we previously mentioned, there are different measurement standards in different regions. This is where ring size conversion charts are essential. By converting the international sizes, these charts ensure that wherever you buy the ring from, it fits like it was meant to be.

Here are the most popular ring size conversion charts:

UK to US Ring Size Conversion

US and UK ring sizes are not direct matches. For example, a UK size D might be a US size 2. Measure your UK ring size in mm before using our UK to US ring size chart to find your perfect fit in US (and Canadian) measurements.

UK to EU Ring Size Conversion

When comparing UK to EU ring sizes, you'll find the EU system uses numbers like the US standards. For example, a UK L will be an EU 50.875. To navigate this difference, use our conversion chart below.

Printable Ring Size Chart

There are so many factors that go into choosing the perfect ring. From designs and diamonds to budgets and brands, every aspect of your engagement ring requires careful consideration. To ensure that all your thought and effort is reflected in your magical moment, you need to present a ring that isn’t too tight or too loose.

To make this easier, we have created a ring sizing chart. This brings the expertise of our jewellers right to your home, allowing you to select the right ring size quickly and accurately. Simply download the printable ring size guide, print it, and follow the clear instructions.

download the printable ring size guide

How To Measure UK Ring Size At Home

Visiting a jeweller to get a ring sizing down for your engagement ring, wedding ring, or statement ring isn’t always a possibility. Luckily, measuring your correct ring size at home is both convenient and straightforward. You can either print our downloadable ring size guide, or follow the methods below:

Method 1: Use a Perfectly Fitting Ring

Using an existing ring is a dependable way to determine the ideal ring size, especially if the ring is worn frequently by your loved one. If you're certain it fits the engagement finger comfortably, this method is ideal.

Things You'll Need:

  • A ring that fits the engagement finger.
  • A ruler.
  • A calculator.

How To Measure Ring Size:

  1. Position Ring on a Ruler: Lay the ring on a flat surface and align its inner edge with a ruler to measure the inside diameter. Ensure you take the measurement in millimetres for precision.
  2. Determine the Diameter: Measure the straight-line distance across the inside of the ring, from one edge to the other. This is the inner diameter of the ring.
  3. Calculate the Circumference: Use the diameter to determine the circumference. The formula is: Circumference = π X Diameter. π (Pi) is approximately 3.14159.
  4. Consult a UK Ring Size Chart: With the calculated circumference, refer to a UK ring size chart. Match your measurement to find the corresponding UK ring size.

Measurement Example:

Imagine you measure the inner diameter of the ring, and it comes to 19.95 mm.
Circumference = π x Diameter
Circumference = 3.14159 x 20 mm
Circumference ≈ 62.7 mm
UK Ring Size = U

Method 2: Use String or Floss

If your loved one doesn't wear rings regularly, using string or floss can be a great alternative. This method does require your loved one to know you are measuring their finger, so should be avoided for surprise engagements.

Things You’ll Need:

  • A piece of non-stretchy string or dental floss.
  • A ruler.
  • Scissors.
  • A marker or pen.

How To Measure Ring Size:

  1. Wrap the String or Floss: Gently wind the string or floss around the base of the engagement finger, where the ring will sit. Ensure it's comfortable and not too tight.
  2. Mark the Measurement: Once wrapped, use the marker or pen to mark the spot where the string or floss meets its end.
  3. Measure the String or Floss: Straighten the string or floss and measure the distance from the end to the marked spot in millimetres using the ruler.
  4. Consult a UK Ring Size Chart: Take the measurement you've acquired, which represents the circumference, and compare it to a UK ring size chart. This will help you find the corresponding UK ring size.

Method 3: Use a Paper Strip

When you need a quick and simple way to determine the ring size for an engagement ring, wedding ring, or fashion ring, using a paper strip can be quite effective. Again, this method is not suitable for surprise engagements.

Things You'll Need:
  • A strip of paper about 1cm wide and 10cm long.
  • A ruler.
  • Scissors.
  • A pen or marker.
How To Measure Ring Size:
  1. Wrap the Paper Strip: Begin by wrapping the strip of paper around the base of the engagement finger. Ensure it's neither too tight nor too loose but snugly fitting.
  2. Mark the Meeting Point: When the paper strip overlaps, use the pen or marker to mark the spot where it meets the end.
  3. Measure the Paper Strip: Unwind the strip from the finger and straighten it out. Use the ruler to measure the distance from the end of the strip to the marked spot in millimetres.
  4. Consult a UK Ring Size Chart: With the measurement in hand, which is the circumference of the finger, refer to a UK ring size chart. This will guide you to the equivalent UK ring size.

Helpful Ring Sizing Tips

Choosing the ideal ring size is crucial, especially when creating custom engagement rings. Ensuring a perfect fit not only adds comfort but also complements the unique design of the ring, highlighting the special bond it represents.

Below are our helpful ring sizing tips:

How To Find Out Someone's Ring Size

Surprising a loved one with an engagement ring is extremely romantic. However, determining their size without them knowing can be a challenge. Still, with a touch of creativity and observation, it's possible.

How To Measure UK Ring Size In Secret

Here are some discrete methods to determine your loved one’s ring size without them knowing:

Find Perfectly Sized Diamond Engagement Rings at Marlow’s Diamonds

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Though the above methods in our guide for ring sizes work perfectly, you can reach out for personalised ring size recommendations

Ring Size Guide FAQ's

Some of the most common Ring Size Guide Q&A's

There are various methods to figure out your ring size. The best choice for accurate sizing is to have a professional jeweller size your finger. You can also use various at-home methods, such as measuring the size of a ring or using string to find the right ring size.

Yes, due to anatomical differences, men typically have larger ring sizes than women.

In the UK, the average ring size for women is L. For men, the average size is Q. It is important to make sure you choose a ring that is perfectly fitted for you.

Most jewellers offer a ring resizing service, but it’s wise to check their policies before purchasing an engagement ring or wedding ring. At Marlow’s Diamonds, we offer free ring resizing.

Yes, rings can be made bigger by a process known as resizing. Jewellers can stretch the ring to a larger size or add extra material to expand its circumference. The specific method used can depend on the ring's material and design. It's advisable to consult with a professional jeweller to understand the possibilities and limitations of resizing a particular ring.

Yes, the resizing process can make a ring smaller. Jewellers can remove a piece of the ring's band and then rejoin the ends, thus reducing its circumference and making the ring fit better. It's advisable to consult with a professional jeweller to ensure that it can be done without damaging the ring or altering its design significantly.

The ring should comfortably slide over the knuckle and fit snugly without being too tight.

Yes, the style of the ring can affect your ring size. Rings with wider bands or intricate designs may fit tighter, meaning you will need a larger size than usual. Rings with thin bands might fit looser, allowing for a smaller size.