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Getting engaged is one of the most special and memorable moments of one’s life. This is why a lot of thought and planning goes into planning a
proposal. More effort goes into buying the perfect diamond engagement rings. At Marlow’s diamonds, you get a wide range of diamond
engagement rings to choose from. Ranging from the most loved styles to unique never-seen-before designs, we have a collection that will make
you swoon with their beauty. You can choose from a large selection of elegant and novel diamond rings. After all, what’s an
engagement without a breath-taking diamond ring? Find the perfect diamond engagement ring that compliments your partner from our exclusive

Choose A Dreamy Setting for Your Engagement Ring


Solitaire rings are classics for a reason. Their single stone setting exudes beauty like no other with a jaw-dropping centrepiece. This is the best of all diamond engagement rings if you want a flashy simple design.


Halo rings are solitaires made better! Complimented by a halo of smaller diamonds, the centre stone looks gorgeous in every way. If you love solitaires but want something extra, then this is the diamond ring for you.


Want more sparkle? Go for shoulder set rings with a band of encrusted diamonds that make your ring all the more special. A dazzling solitaire with little diamonds along the way can make all the difference.


Why stop at one when you can have many? Make a statement with diamond engagement rings in multi-stone settings. Unique styles and combinations are waiting for you.

Find Your Perfect Match

You found your perfect match so the engagement ring you propose with should also be a perfect match for your partner. Marlow’s Diamonds brings to you a curated assortment of diamond engagement rings in the most beautiful designs, stone settings, diamonds shapes, and ring sizes.

Why us? Because our diamonds are as special as your relationship. Our engagement rings are made only with ethically sourced diamonds. With us, you can be assured of quality because our diamonds are graded by the GIA. Adorning our sparkling stones will bring you joy and warmth for the rest of your lives.

Best Selling Marlow's Diamond Jewellery

Your Journey of A Lifetime Starts Here

For the journey of forever, you have to choose a diamond that showcases that promise, and we can help you in your quest for the perfect diamond engagement rings. Designed by top diamond experts in the industry, our designs are timeless so that they keep shining even after years. It’s easy to just choose one from a display but what if you have something special in my mind? We can help you there too. Our engagement rings designers will take their time to understand your vision and design a ring that best speaks to your heat.

Marlow’s Diamonds are not only the best in terms of design but also quality. But don’t believe us. Believe the Gemological Institute of America, which is the world-renowned stone grading institute known for its strict grading procedure. Certified by the GIA, our diamond rings are assessed on various universal levels of grading to ensure that you only invest in a high-quality stone. Furthermore, you can be assured that our engagement rings are only made with diamonds that are ethically sourced. Our diamond experts source these precious stones from conflict-free zones to maintain their integrity.

Diamond engagement rings are usually the most expensive jewellery people buy which can set you back significantly. But worry not because we have a solution here too. If you are looking for a budget-friendly diamond then we also have engagement rings made with lab-grown diamonds. These are low-impact stones since they are completely man-made. Lab-grown diamonds are identical to naturally mined diamonds in every aspect, from appearance to hardness. So, there’s no reason why you should not buy a diamond engagement ring that is just as brilliant as your dream ring but comes at half the price!

For a journey of forever, you have to choose a diamond that showcases that promise, and we can help you in your quest for the perfect diamond engagement rings. Designed by top diamond experts in the industry, our designs are timeless so that they keep shining even after years.

Marlow’s Diamonds are not only the best in terms of design but also quality. Certified by the GIA, our diamond engagement rings are assessed on the various universal levels of grading to ensure that you only invest in a high-quality stone. Our diamond experts source these precious stones from conflict-free zones to maintain their integrity.

If you are looking for a budget-friendly low impact diamond then we also have engagement rings made with lab-grown diamonds. These are identical to naturally mined diamonds in every aspect, sans the high price and environmental impact. What more could you ask for?

So, why wait? Pop the question with our exquisitely made diamond engagement rings.

Engagement Ring FAQ’s

Some of the most common Engagement Ring Q&A's

Yes. Proposing with a ring is a tradition that has carried on for centuries. In ancient times, rings were exchanged as a symbol of love and prosperity. A ring only pushes the feeling of sacrifice and commitment further. If you are not sure about buying diamond engagement rings since it can be quite expensive and your partner may not like it, you can go for a temporary ring to propose. You can take your partner along with you to buy a diamond ring later on.

Sizing is crucial when you are choosing engagement rings. You wouldn’t want to end up with a proposal where your partner keeps struggling with keeping the ring from slipping off of her finger. Furthermore, sizing can be difficult to impossible in some ring designs. For example, a solitaire with plain metal bands is easy to size up or down. But a ring with pave diamond bands will need time and effort to fix and you cannot be assured that the design will remain exactly the same.

Buying real or man-made diamond engagement rings is completely your choice. Natural diamonds are rare where man-made diamonds are created within hours. Even though there is no noticeable difference between the two and not even an expert jeweller can tell the difference with naked eyes, sustainable diamonds are a good choice if you are searching for an environment-friendly and affordable option. If you are looking for an investment then it is not the thing to spend on since lab-grown diamonds have low to no resale value.

Absolutely. Any stone and material can be used in engagement rings. In ancient Egypt, couples exchanged copper rings too. Diamond engagement rings are only preferred because they can bear the brunt of time without harbouring any noticeable damage. This is essential since engagement rings are worn on an everyday basis and come in contact with all kinds of chemicals and surfaces which can harm them. The same cannot be said about other stones which are not as tough as diamonds.

We provide speedy and secure delivery of diamond engagement rings and other jewellery to countries worldwide. Provided goods can be returned as sold within 30 days of receipt, we can exchange any goods, or send replacements. We provide the option of a full refund, again within 30 days, if the goods are deemed ‘faulty’, or different from those ordered. The 30-day refund period may be extended if prior consent is obtained from J.E. Marlow & Sons Limited. Refund procedure: Please email or call 0121-236-4415 for assistance with refund options. We will deal with any complaints in a fair, confidential, effective way that is available online and easy to use, should you have any complaints please contact us on 0121-236-4415 or email on

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We want the best for you, just like you do. All our diamond jewellery, including engagement rings, is made with the highest quality diamonds. It’s okay if you don’t believe us but you will have to believe the GIA which is the most trusted diamond grading organization in the world. All our diamonds are tested and graded by the GIA experts. We will provide you the proof in form of certificates issued by the same so you can check the details of the diamond engagement rings you have shortlisted. In fact, you can check these certificates online on our product pages before you even make the purchase!

It is normal for you to have concerns about buying diamond engagement rings online since there are many things one has to consider when making such an investment. However, Marlow’s Diamonds is a reliable online store where you can buy engagement rings at great affordable prices. If you are concerned about the quality of our diamond rings then we can promise you that you are buying the highest quality diamonds. But don’t take us for our word! We provide GIA certifications with all of our diamonds that will educate you on the specifications of the diamonds used in our engagement rings.

If you are unaware of your size or somehow the engagement rings you bought doesn’t fit, then don’t worry. We offer a free resizing service. All you have to do is contact us to arrange a time to come into the store for a consultation and we will make the adjustments required.

This is the most common query received by us. The most popular cut in diamond engagement rings is round brilliant which exudes the maximum brilliance and fire. However, with time trends have changed. Now more couples are experimenting with unfamiliar cuts like pear, heart, princess, and so on. Nevertheless, these are all timeless.

It depends on you. Going to a store and choosing one could take as little as an hour but if you are getting bespoke diamond engagement rings then it could take up to 4 weeks. There’s also the online medium which is also quite fast, however, it is best to discuss these things prior to ordering. Always take your time to finalize the design, learn about the jeweller’s terms and conditions (if any), and then place your order.

It is simply impossible for an amateur to determine the quality of a diamond with naked eyes. To know if your diamond is real, you must ask for grading certificates from your dealer. A grading certificate will tell you all about the authenticity of diamond engagement rings. But you must make sure the certificate is issued from a reliable third-party institution like the GIA and not by the jeweller themselves.

It is a common misconception that diamonds lose their value over time which is why most people think a lot before spending on diamond engagement rings. A simple answer is no. Diamonds remain a rare commodity that never goes out of demand. However, some conditions can affect its market value. It is essential that you take care good care of your diamond to be able to retain its value. This is not very difficult since diamond is the hardest stone on Earth which is precisely why diamonds are preferred over any other stone for engagement rings.

A few things are important to remember when looking for diamond engagement rings. There are 4Cs that every diamond expert swears by. These are Cut, Color, Clarity, and Carat. The cut of the stone determines the depth and facets of the stone which is responsible for the light reflections that make the diamond shine. A cut can not only enhance the beauty of a diamond but also hide the flaws in one. Color is also essential in terms of a diamond’s quality. Where colorless diamonds are rare and highly expensive, you can always go for lower grades with prices that suit you. Clarity determines the flaws in a diamond. Inclusions and imperfections are unavoidable but can be hidden cleverly with craftsmanship. Consult clarity grades before buying one. Carat weight is the weight or simply the size of the diamond which most people end up paying most attention to. It is important to consider, however, only after you consider the first 3Cs. At Marlow’s, we provide all of these details with our diamonds. After all, your diamond engagement ring should be the best just like your partner.

Diamonds are precious and one of the hardest stones found on earth which is why the concept of “a diamond is forever” was born. Engagement rings are essentially made of diamonds because diamonds can stand the test of time which reinforces the idea of a love that lasts forever. Over the years, gold and silver can fade or even disfigure but a diamond never loses its sparkle or shape just like the way love between two people doesn’t change. No wonder diamond engagement rings are the perfect symbol of the everlasting commitment that comes with getting married.

At Marlow's, we don't like compromises. Everyone should be able to afford their perfect engagement ring that complements their partner. This is why we offer a range of options in diamond engagement rings that will make buying the one you want easy. We provide various plans that will allow you to spread the cost of your engagement ring from 6 months up to 48 months!

There’s a saying that a man should ideally spend 3 months of salary on a diamond engagement rings. However, times have changed and so have people’s priorities. The ideal amount of money you should spend on an engagement ring is the amount you can afford. The thing to remember is that engagement rings are about the love and emotion they represent, not the price. If you go overboard and spend more than you can afford it will cost you in other ways since you will have to compromise on important things like wedding planning or holidays.

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