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Diamond Rings

A girl's best friend has always been diamonds (and fine eyeliner). We adore diamond rings that are stunning, elegant, and sophisticated. Diamond rings are the most personal and emotional pieces of jewellery. 

Marlow's Diamonds offers a diverse collection of diamond rings for different occasions. 

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A lovely ring tucked in a luxurious gift box is sure to make its new owner happy. We're here to assist you in selecting a ring that your lucky present recipient will adore! Our jaw-dropping collection of diamond rings exudes pure, polished richness. Browse our stunning diamond rings to find your ideal match according to your attrie or occasions.

We have many options for you, whether you desire the refined beauty of a white gold ring or the traditional richness of yellow gold. With our brilliant diamonds, you'll turn heads. Choose from the romance of a princess cut ring, the simplicity of a brilliant cut, or any other style for the ideal wedding ring or engagement ring.

We at Marlow's Diamond recognise that purchasing a diamond is both an emotional and a financial investment. We have years of experience providing diamond jewellery expertise, so you can trust and feel confident that you have come to the proper jewellers.

We will be able to go over the properties of each diamond and assist you in selecting the best piece of diamond jewellery for you. A certificated diamond is ideal if you want that extra piece of mind.

Diamond Ring FAQ’s

Some of the most common Q&A's

Wondering which diamond you should buy, the things are that there is a lot to consider, the options and choices vary; you can choose from solitaire, halo, shoulder set and three-stone styles to white gold, platinum, and rose gold rings. Just keep in mind the four Cs: cut, colour, clarity, and carat weight. And then you’ll be able to decide better.

When you buy a diamond ring, the most important thing is to make sure it fits perfectly and comfortably. The easiest way of working out your own ring size is to measure the diameter of a ring you already own: Using the measurement or checking the letter sizing, that will help you find your perfect size.

Wearing a diamond ring for a long time does attract dust but cleaning it regularly will help you to maintain its shine all along. To clean your ring, you can either do it yourself at home with soap and water or get it done professionally. But remember, the glory of a diamond is in its shine and bling.

You may found various diamond ring prices in the UK. It all depends upon the ring’s - style, shape, and stone ( it could be single stone or multi-stone) metal used for the band, i.e., gold, rose gold, silver, platinum, etc. All these factors together determine the cost of a diamond ring.

Surely, we do. At Marlows Diamond, we sell top-of-the-line designer diamond rings for women and men. Solitaire, halo, multi-stone, with any metal band—you name it, we’ll make it for you. We have top-notch designers and stunning diamond rings for you. Explore our collection or get in touch with our experts to make your own lab created diamond rings with us.

Diamond rings on the entire band cannot usually be adjusted or resized. Because the resizing requires a certain amount of exposed metal. Diamond rings are normally only altered a few sizes larger or smaller than they are. Beyond that, you risk harming the ring and altering the diamond setting.

It is definitely not easy to find the ideal ring you are looking for, there are plenty of options to choose from. But you must go with the one that suits your lifestyle, day-to-day activities and work. Go for a ring that is easy to wear, comfortable, and looks good on your hand.

You can wear your ring any way you want! Although it is traditionally worn in the ring figure of the left hand. Just make sure it fits comfortably and think about the occasion and your unique taste when picking which finger to wear it on.

Do the fog test (a real diamond clears up fast), the newspaper test (a real diamond refracts light in a way that makes text unintelligible), and the transparency test (put the diamond on a newspaper—if you can read through it, it's probably fake). Consult a professional jeweller for certainty.

Diamond rings can be solitaire (a single diamond), halo (a diamond surrounded by smaller stones), three-stone (symbolising the past, present, and future), eternity (diamonds surrounding the band), or vintage or modern. Choose based on your personal preferences and the event.

If you are looking for a reliable, trustworthy place to buy stunning diamond rings for men or women both - Marlows Diamond is just the perfect place. We have an extensive, wide collection of most beautiful diamond engagement and wedding rings, in all shapes and sizes; we can even customise your dream diamond ring for you
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Find the perfect engagement ring

Find the perfect engagement ring