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How to Surprise your Partner with a Proposal

Published by MarlowsDiamonds at Apr 08, 2022
How to Surprise your Partner with a Proposal

There are fewer things more beautiful in life than marriage, however getting to that stage can seem tricky to a lot of people. Everyone wants the perfect marriage proposal so they can remember it forever, but the desire to pull it off flawlessly can cause stress and tension where there doesn't have to be. It's likely your partner might be expecting a proposal in the near future, especially if you've been speaking about weddings and engagement rings. This can make it tough if you want to surprise your partner with a proposal, but here are a few tips for keeping the your proposal under wraps.

Create multiple red herrings

If you've planned a romantic weekend away with your partner then they'll probably be expecting a proposal at some point, especially if you've been talking about weddings recently. Likewise, any time you leave the home and go somewhere nice, your partner may be suspicious about what's to come. This is why it's important to create multiple occasions when you'll be alone together in romantic circumstances. You can arrange something special, such as a meal alone or a walk along the beach, to get their attention, and then when you don't propose they'll be thrown off guard. Recalibrating their expectations this way will put doubts in their mind over whether the proposal is really going to come or not this then leads us to the second part of the plan.

Build up tension

If your partner is expecting a proposal, then every minute that you don't do it will build up a level of tension and suspense. By dragging it out as long as possible, you are placing doubts in their mind over whether the proposal will actually happen, so that when you do decide to pop the question you'll get a much greater emotional impact. Obviously this doesn't mean you should wait so long that you lose their interest, but by building up the tension you'll guarantee the reaction you want when you get down on one knee. With any luck your partner will be taken aback by the proposal and you'll get the response you want.

By following this plan you'll have a greater chance of surprising your partner. When it comes to marriage proposals there are all sorts of locations to think about, as well as timing, but one of the most important factors is choosing the engagement ring itself. You want a gorgeous piece that your partner can cherish forever, and with Marlow's Diamonds that's exactly what you can get. We specialise in luxurious rings at competitive prices, and we can provide you with all the help you need when purchasing a stunning engagement ring.

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