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How to Choose a Wedding Band to Match Engagement Ring

Published by MarlowsDiamonds at Sep 01, 2023
How to Choose a Wedding Band to Match Engagement Ring

Selecting a wedding band to pair with your engagement ring marks a significant step in your journey towards your wedding. When these two meaningful rings match perfectly, they will create a timeless connection that symbolises your shared love. 

While an exciting milestone, making this important decision can also be daunting. With so many designs to choose between, it’s easy to become overwhelmed by a myriad of choices. 
We are here to simplify this matching process for you. In this guide, we outline how to match engagement and wedding rings. We also highlight the ideal wedding band and engagement ring pairings, ensuring that your rings resonate with your love.

Why Should Your Wedding Band and Engagement Ring Match?

There is no steadfast rule that your wedding band and engagement ring must match. However, choosing complementary designs offers these numerous advantages: 

Aesthetic Harmony 

One of the primary reasons couples choose matching rings is the visual balance they offer. When the designs of both rings harmonise, they enhance each other's beauty. This balance results in an overall look that is visually pleasing and meaningful. 

Symbolism of Unity

Each ring, while representing different phases of a relationship, can tell a cohesive story when they match. This cohesion in design becomes a testimony to a love that is unified and lasting.

Wear and Tear

Beyond the sentimental significance, a matching wedding band and engagement ring can also offer practical benefits. Rings crafted from the same metal or similar designs tend to wear and tear at a consistent rate. This uniform aging ensures a consistent and well-maintained appearance over the years.


Comfort is important to consider, especially since you will wear these rings daily. Rings that are designed with matching or complementary designs often sit more comfortably on the finger. 

Timeless Appeal

Choosing to match your engagement and wedding ring is a time-honored tradition. While fashion trends evolve, the appeal of matching your engagement ring with your wedding band remains timeless. 

How to Match Wedding Band to Engagement Ring

Getting the pairing right involves some consideration. While your personal preferences are the most important, some guidelines can make the decision easier and more harmonious.
We highlight how to match a wedding band to an engagement ring: 

Explore Different Wedding Band Styles

Start your journey by exploring the different wedding band styles. From striking diamond wedding rings to plain wedding bands, there are countless designs available. Looking over the different styles can provide visual inspiration that will help you find a combination that appeals to you. 

Match the Width

Matching the width of your wedding band and engagement ring is an effortless way to ensure a harmonious pair. While they don't need to be the same, they should be proportional to ensure they look and feel right together. A balanced width also ensures that the rings sit comfortably and elegantly on the finger.

Select the Same Metal

The engagement ring metal can help guide your choice for the wedding band. Choosing the same metal ensures that both rings maintain a uniform appearance, telling a consistent love story. If you have a two-tone engagement ring, then you would also choose a two-tone wedding band to create a complementary set. 

Choose the Same Jeweller

Buying from the same jeweller can make the process smoother. They often have wedding bands designed specifically to go with their engagement rings. This will allow for an easy and meaningful match between the two rings. 

You can also ask your jeweller for advice on how to choose a wedding band to match your engagement ring perfectly. Trusting the same jeweler and their expertise guarantees design consistency and a ring pair made to last.

Choosing a Wedding Band to Match Engagement Ring

The ideal wedding band should not only be a beautiful piece on its own but should also enhance the features of your engagement ring. With so many varied and unique engagement ring styles, finding a cohesive band can be challenging. 
Below we highlight the best wedding band choices for different engagement ring styles: 

Solitaire Engagement Ring

With its single, central diamond, a solitaire engagement ring encapsulates timeless beauty and elegance. For those with this type of ring, simplicity is key for a cohesive match. A plain-shaped band designed to fit around your solitaire diamond is the ideal choice as this style allows the diamond to remain the focal point. 

Halo Engagement Ring

halo diamond ring features a central diamond surrounded by a glittering halo of smaller diamonds. To elevate the glamour of this engagement ring, a shaped diamond band is a stunning match. By choosing a diamond wedding band with a cohesive shape to fit around the halo, you will create a symphony of sentimentality.

Shoulder Set Engagement Ring

The diamond shoulder rings feature diamonds set into the band leading up to the central stone. To echo the enchantment of the engagement ring, a channel-set diamond wedding band is a complimentary choice. This added sparkle will enhance the halo effect.

Multi-stone Engagement Ring

From a straight row of diamonds to a diamond cluster to a bubble style, trilogy engagement rings are available in various designs. Given the complexity of the designs, the perfect wedding band match tends to be a plain wedding band. This ensures the wedding band complements the brilliance of the diamonds. 

Find the Perfect Engagement Ring and Wedding Band Pair at Marlow’s Diamonds

When it comes to finding your dream ring set, Marlow’s Diamonds is the ideal choice. With our range of exquisite designs, every couple will find the perfect proposal and wedding ring pair. Our expert jewellers are on hand to guide you in your choices, ensuring a harmonious match.

Get in touch to discuss pairing your engagement ring with the perfect wedding band.  

How To Match Wedding Band to Engagement Ring FAQs

Some of the most common Q&A's

Engagement rings and wedding rings traditionally have different designs. The engagement ring typically features a prominent diamond or diamonds. However, the engagement and wedding rings should complement each other in their design to create a cohesive match.

For a harmonious look, it is best for your engagement ring and wedding band to be similar in width. A matching width creates a cohesive and visually appealing design that ensures the rings pair perfectly together. 

Mixing metals is a modern trend and can look very stylish. However, if you are looking to create a matching pair between your engagement and wedding ring, it is best to choose the same metals. 
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