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How to Choose a Ring to Flatter Your Hand and Finger Shape

Published by MarlowsDiamonds at Apr 08, 2022
How to Choose a Ring to Flatter Your Hand and Finger Shape

If you're considering investing in a beautiful diamond ring from a GIA-certified retailer you want to ensure that you are choosing a ring that will look simply stunning on your hands. You wouldn't rush into buying a dress without knowing what suits your size, and you certainly shouldn't do the same with a ring. Taking time to choose a ring that suits the shape of your fingers and hands will help ensure that you pick a ring that looks as though it was destined for you. At Marlow's Diamonds we have a ring to suit every finger, so why not browse our range referring to our guide?

Wide or Large Fingers

Those with large or wide fingers will find that a wider band or shanks will be the most flattering for them. A split shank, for example, is a perfect option for those who don't want a single wide band. Double or triple shanks that feature angular shapes and asymmetrical designs will minimise the appearance of wide fingers. Try to choose an elongated diamond, with a setting that flatters and emphasises the centre stone.

Slender Fingers

If you have slender fingers, you should always try to avoid choosing a ring that overpower the finger. Choosing a large cut diamond on a thin band will appear overbearing on your hand. You should search for a ring that helps the fingers to appear a bit wider, to balance the ring on finger ratio. Browse smaller stones with thicker bands, as this will complement the slender shape and make the perfect canvas for a glittering stone.

Long Fingers

Luckily, most ring styles suit those who have long fingers. You can choose from a stone of most shapes such as round, oval, square, emerald, and much more. A princess cut is usually popular amongst those who have longer fingers, as it makes for the perfect centrepiece on the hand. A wide band will also help to compliment the length of the finger.

Short Fingers

For the shorter finger, a ring that helps to elongate should always be the goal. A stunning stone that has an oval, pear, or marquise shape will do wonders for lengthening the appearance of the finger. You could also choose more rectangular shapes, however this may look a bit bulky on the hand if you have small hands as well. Narrow-width bands are perfect here, as this will also help your fingers to appear longer.

Big Knuckles

If you have big knuckles, you may be looking for a ring that draws the eye towards the finger, rather than the hand. Thicker and heavier bands will draw attention to the ring itself, rather than to the knuckle. Choose a ring that is carefully adorned with several beautiful stones and you will receive nothing but compliments.

Small Hands

A smaller hand area is better suited to a smaller ring, generally speaking. Keep to a round princess cut, oval, or heart-shaped stone in this case. Your hand won't look like it is weighed down by an overbearing ring this way. Small hands have the advantage of suiting more classical styles and cuts of stone and band.

Large Hands

A larger hand means that you have much more opportunity to be creative with your ring choice. Why not try a bolder ring that expresses your personality and personal tastes? This hand type will suit chunky ring styles which means you will have room for significantly more exquisite stones. Choose a spectacular ring that is a bit off-beat, and your finger is sure to be the envy of everyone for miles around.

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