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Treat Your Ears!

Published by MarlowsDiamonds at Apr 07, 2022

The best way to do this is to adorn our ears with diamonds. Earrings have long been fashionable, and those boasting precious stones have always been a much sought after item to add to your jewellery portfolio.

Today, and because of security issues, most diamond earrings are crafted for use in pierced ears, but the actual piercing is nothing new and in fact is probably one of the oldest from of body piercing, dating as far back as ancient Persia. It is also purported that piercing the ear was beneficial to eyesight and hearing although there is no scientific basis to this.

Earrings were often made out of precious materials, and amongst seamen was a common method in which to carry their wealth on their person. There is a close correlation to how we view diamond earrings today.

In the ancient days of earrings they consisted of small loops, studs or dangling items containing precious gems. In fact the stud earrings of those days has not changed very much and the diamond studs of today still consist of a post which is placed through the pierced ear and which is held in back by means of a clip of sorts, preventing the precious earring from falling out and being lost.

The mechanism of dangling earrings is similar to that of the stud earrings, but they include the addition of designs which flow from the bottom of the earlobe and which are adorned with diamonds and elaborate design work.

What is most evident is that the desire to adorn our ears with diamonds and precious metals has never diminished. Marlows offer a stunning range of diamond earrings in many styles and sizes, so we are sure to have the right earrings for you.

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