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Why Is Gold Valuable

Published by MarlowsDiamonds at Apr 07, 2022
Why Is Gold Valuable

We all know that gold is valuable and that's why we like to buy wedding rings made of gold. It's the reason why when we choose many types of jewellery, gold is the favourite, whether it is white gold engagement rings, gold earrings or gold engagement rings. But why is gold valuable?

It has always been sought after and prized throughout history, but why is this the case? Cultures ranging from the Native Americans to the ancient Egyptians and the Chinese valued gold for its beauty and its unique characteristics, and when Europeans learned that gold was available in south America the consequences were disastrous for the Aztec people who had lived there for thousands of years.

Gold is valuable simply because a lot of people believe it is. Gold's value is a cultural phenomenon, its price determined by a complex combination of factors which quite often do not include need. For example, those cultures admittedly they are rare that do not use gold don't value it, but for cultures such as ours, gold is mainly an investment commodity; a refuge from shaky currencies during tough economic times.

Of course, it also one of the favourite materials from which to make wedding rings and gold earrings. One of the main reasons why gold is valuable is because of its rarity. It has been estimated that all the gold on earth would form a cube measuring just 19 metres. So now you know that the wedding rings you have chosen originate from this tiny stockpile, your rings are even more precious!

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