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What Your Favourite Diamond Cut Says About You

Published by MarlowsDiamonds at Apr 08, 2022
What Your Favourite Diamond Cut Says About You

The first thing it says is obviously that you have fabulous taste in gems, but what kind of lady loves an emerald cut, and who thinks a round brilliant stone is the only way to go?

As well as offering superb advice on all aspects of diamond jewellery, we like to give you the odd whimsical bit of fun here on the Marlow's blog. Can the cut of the gem you favour really contain enough symbolism to give away your personality type? Here's our guide to what the cut of your favourite diamonds might say about you!


Round Brilliant Cut

Once of the oldest cut styles, round brilliant diamond engagement rings are exceptionally popular. It’s a classic cut that diamond symbolists say is representative of a strong family ethos and the desire for a stable, comfortable life. Fans of these diamond rings are strong, forthright and honest.


Princess Cut

This is a more modern addition to the catalogue of diamond cuts. Often presented as a trendy, modern cut, customers looking to create bespoke engagement rings often buy princess cut loose diamonds for custom settings. This cut is famed for its sparkle, often leading to the assumption that the wearer is bold, loves the spotlight and takes chances in all areas of her life.


Emerald Cut

This cut has a glamorous vintage feel about it. Classic, elegant and symbolic of a woman who is inwardly confident, poised and in control. Emerald cut stones make exceptional large stones without looking too over the top thanks to their clean lines and strong shape.


Heart Cut

The sign of a true romantic, the heart cut represents one of the most significantly sentimental of all diamond rings. This lady is whimsical, bubbly and a born daydreamer with excellent taste in diamonds!

The heart cut tends to be one of the least popular in terms of practicality, making the woman who wears it a soft reminder of all the beautiful dreams held within the typical engagement ring on that first day of wear.

Setting a heart cut diamond between two smaller pink hue gems is an exceptionally light, pretty way to convey the gentle sentiment of the gem.


Pear Cut

The lady is just a little edgier than the rest. She likes to take chances and stand out from the crowd without appearing garish. According to symbolists, the pear cut represents outgoing, confident wearers who like an active life full of new experiences, journeys and discoveries. The pear cut is often set against a thin band with no other gems certainly unique.

Does your favourite diamond cut have your personality pegged? We know it's just a bit of fun, but the world of shapes and symbology can always offer up some interesting surprises. Did you know gem colour choice can say a lot about your personality too? But we'll save that for another day!

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