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What Design Best Suits Her Hand?

Published by MarlowsDiamonds at Apr 08, 2022
What Design Best Suits Her Hand?

Engagement rings should be chosen based on what you think she'll love. What the lady wants, she should have! But if you're heading down the route of simply what style of engagement ring will best suit your lady's digits, here's a guide prepared by our experts on which diamond cut and setting style tends to best suit each hand shape and finger type.

Dainty Hands Smaller, uncomplicated rings are typically the style du jour for ladies with dainty hands. We find older ladies whose hands have aged often fit this category. But you don't have to give up the ring styles you love (just look at Jennifer Anniston's huge, glorious diamond engagement ring!), just find a way to accommodate your likes. For example, round brilliant cut diamond engagement rings and square cut rings are the right proportions not to swamp a small hand, but as far as the size of the diamond goes, you can experiment to her heart's content!

Large Hands Lucky lady! Women with large hands can carry off statement engagement rings easily. In fact, a smaller style or cut could look lost on her. The rule tends to be that the bigger the ring, the better. Something glorious like a large, vintage-inspired oval cut diamond engagement ring, JEM75 for example, could work wonderfully.

Long Fingers Associated with elegance, long fingers can be beautifully complimented by marquise or longer cuts like emerald cut engagement rings. A great way to play on the length and elegance of long fingers can be to opt for a thicker band or complimentary ring sets to break up the length of the finger.

Short Fingers Be aware of overwhelming the finger with too much width. Go for pear cut or marquis cut rings that are long against the finger rather than wide. Make sure a little skin is visible either side to give the illusion of length.

Slim Fingers If you're worried about swamping slim fingers with the wrong ring size, think about avoiding round or heart cut diamonds with very slender bands. Wider ring bands can help add width, especially when set with multi-stone diamond settings (lucky!)

Wide Fingers As with short fingers, it's best to try and add length rather than width by choosing a slender band with a large diamond or cluster setting that shows no skin at the sides. This gives the impression of a more slender finger (it's also a great excuse to by a gloriously large diamond!)

But this is all the sort of advice that doesn't strictly matter, especially if she has her heart set on a ring that, academically speaking, doesn't suit her hand shape. We believe engagement rings should be symbolic, personal and representative of your fiancee's taste and style.

If you'd like some more advice on choosing the right engagement jewellery and diamonds, we've prepared several buyers guides that can be accessed via the menus at the bottom of our website covering everything from cut and clarity to the Jewellery Quarter we base our family business in.

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