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Take A Look At The Four Cs Part 1

Published by MarlowsDiamonds at Apr 07, 2022
Take A Look At The Four Cs Part 1

When looking for diamonds you need to educate yourself about the big four elements of diamond purchasing: cut, colour, carat and clarity. When talking to a jeweller these are the areas that you are likely to cover when making your choice. When looking for the perfect engagement rings it is imperative that you have some knowledge of each area to ensure you get the best value for your money.

The colour of diamonds

Diamonds are assigned letter grades according to the colour they possess. A completely colourless diamond is an extremely rare occurrence, which pushes up its value. Those that are at the peak of the colourless range tend to be categorised as D, E or F, whereas those diamonds with an obvious brown or yellow tinge will be rated from S to Z. The rest of the diamonds will be graded somewhere in between. When choosing diamonds for diamond jewellery opt for the lowest letter your budget will allow.

The cut of diamonds

While it pays to do a little research on what cut your partner likes you can still ensure that the quality is high, regardless of the shape. When cut well, light will reflect from the top of the diamond as well as from within the gemstone. This will give it a brilliant look. If you use a trustworthy supplier of diamonds, who can provide testimonials from satisfied customers, you should not have to worry about the cut.

At Marlows we have an expert team to guide you through buying the perfect diamond engagement rings and wedding rings.

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