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Studs versus Drops – The Perennial Earring Dilemma

Published by MarlowsDiamonds at Apr 08, 2022
Studs versus Drops – The Perennial Earring Dilemma

Whether selecting earrings for a loved one or for yourself, the amount of choice can sometimes make the decision an even harder one to make. You’ll need to weigh up the occasion or reason you are purchasing them against the shape and design of the earrings themselves before incorporating them into your own unique taste and style, a daunting task for even the most seasoned fashionistas among us.

Fortunately, this is where our team at Marlow’s Diamonds can step into help. Below, we go through the two most popular styles of earring in an effort to give you a bit more clarity on what each may bring to the table in terms of your or your partner’s tastes. Hopefully, these helpful hints and tips will provide you with the perfect platform to make that inspired investment you’ll never forget.



The stud is arguably the most traditional and indeed timeless shape that an earring can be made in. From buying them as a gift or looking for the finishing touches to your own outfit, it’s difficult to go wrong with a set of high calibre studs. Our range of diamond studs, for example, highlights the living embodiment of the romantic gesture and as a result many of these are purchases as gifts from one loved one to another.

You simply cannot underestimate the understated sense of elegance that comes with diamond studded earrings. They are flexible in terms of outfits they will compliment one of the reasons that they have retained their popularity for so long and here at Marlow’s Diamonds the diverse selection of subtle stud designs we have on offer mean that there truly is something for everyone.



Drops, also referred to as dangle earrings, are undoubtedly more divisive than the classic stud shape. While they may not be anywhere near as versatile as their more refined counterpart, dropped earrings cannot be faulted when it comes to adding another dimension of glamour to any given outfit. Whether you’re looking to give off that classical feeling of beauty or something to enhance your individuality, dangle earrings are perfect for really exhibiting your personality through their design.

Undoubtedly more feminine than the stud, drops have been a common feature within high fashion for a number of years and for that reason are hugely popular with some sections of society. The stones can dangle just below the lobe for a more humble affair, or they can really live up to their name by dangling a few centimetres from the edge of your ear. However, we wouldn’t advise to go for anything that lets the attached pendant brush your shoulder if caught on something, this could be extremely painful.



Well, we said we’d help shed some light on the debate but we didn’t promise to reach a definitive conclusion. When it comes down to it, the positives on each side are too great to outweigh the other completely, each is perfect in their own special way. If you’re still struggling to make the decision, why not get in touch with one of the Marlow’s Diamonds team today and we can offer you further insight into these two uncompromising and iconic styles of earring.

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