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Some lab grown Diamonds rarer than mined ones?

Published by MarlowsDiamonds at Mar 27, 2023
Some lab grown Diamonds rarer than mined ones?

Lab grown diamonds have become a new choice for millennials buying their engagement ring concerned about soil movement, mining deaths and the environment.

 99.9% of all lab grown diamonds are currently either enhanced post growth (CVD) or pre growth (HPHT). These enhancements are only with the color of the diamond. All diamond companies who sell lab grown diamonds only offer these as an option to customers.

We at Marlow’s are one step ahead. Our factories, at times produce some lab grown diamonds from extremely fine quality mined diamond seeds without any treatment and that too via the superior CVD process. All these diamonds are extremely special and only offered with GIA reports and far rarer than its mined counterpart.

Currently we are the only jewellers probably in the world to hold these in stock for our customers.  

These diamonds are very expensive to produce and does cost a lot more than the normal lab grown that we and others stock. If you are looking for a perfect lab grown diamond without wanting to pay the mined diamond price, this is the only choice for you.

There are predominantly two varieties of lab grown diamonds being sold around the globe.

-CVD (Chemical Vapor Disposition) - with post growth treatment, this process does not contain traces of metal, and is the purest process of growing. They are enhanced in color post growth. 
Example in this link

If you see the comments, this diamond has been enhanced in color with post growth treatment

-HPHT (High Pressure High Temperature) - with pre growth treatment, most sometimes contain traces of metal or resin within the diamond as the growth process uses a metallic chemical in order to produce the diamond.
Example in this link

If you see the comments, the diamond has no post growth treatment. It has been treated by HPHT pre growth.

At Marlows we stock the special third variety too:

-As Grown CVD – the perfect lab grown diamond, near enough its mined counterpart. These diamonds are grown by the purest CVD process and has no evidence of treatment, either post growth or pre growth.
Example in this link

If you notice the comments, it clearly states the CVD method and no evidence of treatment detected. Marlows is currently the only diamond retailer in the UK to hold these in stock for our discerning customers

Diamond buying is not an easy task, be it mined or lab grown, and to part with so much money, proper knowledge and advice is required. Feel free to contact us on 020 7405 1477 or visit one of our stores and let the experienced staff guide you properly before any purchase.

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