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Multi-stone or solitaire?

Published by MarlowsDiamonds at Apr 07, 2022
Multi-stone or solitaire?

Diamond rings are the epitome of class, style and beauty when it comes to picking out beautiful rings. However, there is a question you will need to ask yourself about the diamond ring in question before you make your purchase.

Will it be a stunning, show-stopping solitaire or a glamorous multi-stone beauty? Both of these types of rings can be given to a woman for any occasion, from an engagement to an anniversary.

So how do you choose the perfect diamond rings for your love? Marlows Certified Diamonds have a wide selection of multi-stone and solitaire diamond rings. You are sure to find the one you really want.

Ripe for the picking

When you look at that question there are several aspects to take into consideration before you can make a final decision. The very first aspect is the occasion. Solitaire diamond rings are traditionally given as engagement rings. However, this is not a rule and you might want to give a multi-stone ring to her on the engagement.

The next thing to take into consideration is her personality, the size of her hands and the shape. Offering a dainty woman with a slight build and delicate hands a huge multi-stone ring isn't advisable. Offering an athletically-built beauty a delicate solitaire that will get lost on her hand is also out of the question. Find a ring that will compliment her hand and not overpower her finger, or never be seen.

The last thing to take into consideration, and the most important thing too, is her personal preference for solitaire or multi-stone diamond rings. No matter the tradition, no matter how it will look on her hand, it is important to present your lady with diamond rings her heart melts for.

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