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Make a diamond your right hand ring

Published by MarlowsDiamonds at Apr 07, 2022
Make a diamond your right hand ring

Wearing a diamond ring has always been generally reserved for your left hand and more importantly for your engagement. Long gone are the days of contemporary jewellery conforming to age old traditions. Both the jewellery marketers and women of the 21st century are busy forging new, modern traditions and trends. Modern twists on age old traditions are becoming more and more common.

This is to keep things fresh and more importantly, relative to today's times. One such new trend is the right hand diamond ring. And no, it does not mean she is no longer engaged or just wearing a diamond ring on her right hand to be different. A right hand diamond ring means so much more than just that.

New beginnings

This new right hand diamond ring trend has given diamond rings a new beginning. These diamond rings symbolise a woman's independence, self assertion, inner strength and success. That is not the only difference. These new right hand diamond rings also differ in design from the traditional left hand matrimonial diamond rings.

The right hand rings steer clear of single solitaire rings. They make use of open spaces combined with smaller stones and more contemporary designs. The right hand diamond ring is your new statement and it is perfect as gifts for your girl friends.

Give this right hand diamond ring as a gift to the strong and independent women in your life. Give them something special and girlie that still lets the world know that you think they are strong. You cannot go wrong with a right hand diamond ring and Marlows can give you great advice about choosing the right ring.

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