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Iconic diamond rings

Published by MarlowsDiamonds at Apr 08, 2022
Iconic diamond rings


Every girl is special and so should be her engagement ring. But when we talk about renowned personalities, their rings are not just ‘special’ but those little pieces of jewellery also make sure that the owner stands out from the rest of the world. In the long history of the diamond engagement rings, there are few rings that hold a special place and have been mentioned explicitly. Talk of Unique engagement and wedding rings and some famous personalities outshine others. Wondering which rings and personalities? Well, there’s a long list and this article will talk about some controversial ones.

Audrey Hepburn

British actress and quintessential fashion icon of the Hollywood’s golden age grabbed a lot of eyeballs for her wedding look and especially for her ring from her first husband, Mel Ferrer. What was so special about the ring? The answer will definitely amaze you. The remarkable thing about the ring was it was a two toned wedding band. Audrey had great fashion sense which made it difficult for her to be hubby to select a ring for her so he settled for the ring with two bands, one in rose gold and the other in white. Wow! Isn’t this a great idea? Due to two colour bands of the ring the fashionista was able to switch according to her look on any specific day. Though the marriage ended but the elegance, simplicity, charm and the beauty of the wedding ring is still talked about. All husbands-to-be note this idea and try getting a look alike for your beloved.

Sometimes it’s not merely the look, but also the emotions attached that adds to the value of something and one of the greatest examples of this is the next ring on our list.

Princess Diana and Kate Middleton’s ring

Prince William shared a very close bond with his mother, Princess Diana and keeping her alive in his memories forever, he proposed to Kate Middleton with her ring, a 12 carat Ceylon blue sapphire ring. The ring that once adorned the finger of Princess Diana and carries the legacy of the royal family is now worth over half a million dollars. The marriage of Prince William with Kate was the talk of the town and so was the ring he proposed with.  Will Princess George also propose his lady love with a similar ring, although there’s still a long way to proposal for him.

Princess Soraya

Those who fantasize about Vintage rings will definitely envy Princess Soraya’s engagement ring. Why, you ask? Well, the second wife of Reza Pahlavi, the last Shah of Iran had the ring with the Winston diamond weighing a massive 22.37 carats. Though the marriage didn’t work, but the ring with two tapering baguette diamonds set horizontally onto the platinum band is still one of the most sought after.


Marie Antoinette

The Hope diamond. Heard of it? No? It is this diamond which is said to be the unlucky and cursed one, but at the same time it is also said to be the largest faceted diamond in the world with striking beauty. Though there’s an interesting history associated with the diamond’s curse, it got popularised when Louis XVI presented a ring made of it to wife Marie Antoinette when they got married.

Victoria Beckham

An engagement ring is special and Victoria Beckham is amongst those lucky few who owns not one but thirteen engagement rings. Yes, thirteen! Can you imagine, well it might seem unimaginable to you, but when it’s Posh Spice, everything is possible. Much can be talked about her big collection of rings, but the proposal ring holds a special place and more so if the proposal is of the ace footballer, David Beckham. The star player proposed the queen of his heart with a marquise-cut diamond on a yellow band. But her ring with an oomph factor is not this one, but the one she’s seen wearing the most. A pear-shaped diamond ring with a vintage cut set in a classic diamond platinum band. This ring can make any jewellery lover mad!

Kim Kardashian

American reality television personality, Kim was lucky enough to receive a 15-carat engagement ring from her Hubby Kanye West but unlucky to be robbed off it in Paris. Kanye spent $8 million to buy the ring and get the word ‘Adidas’ engraved on it. The loving husband had a vision for the ring and was very much involved along with the jewellery designer Lorraine Schwartz in designing of the ring. He wanted the diamond to look like as if it was floating in the air and chose a D-stone, of the type 2A. Before getting stolen, the breathtakingly beautiful ring actually stole many hearts.

These rings were iconic and trend setters, but yours would be close to your heart. So, girls get a tip from the article above and get one made for yourself. Hope your diamond engagement ring will also be a beautiful and much loved one, talked about among friends and family for a long time.

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