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Blood diamonds are not the life of our diamonds

Published by MarlowsDiamonds at Apr 07, 2022
Blood diamonds are not the life of our diamonds

Most of us have seen the movie Blood Diamonds with Leonardo DiCaprio in it. It tells of the diamond mining in Sierra Leone and the exploitation of people to mine the diamonds. It shows that the diamonds are sold to fuel warfare.

Marlows is one of the leading certified diamond specialists around today. We take great care in ensuring that we maintain the highest standard when differentiating between a blood diamond and a certified diamond.

Our customers can rest assured in the knowledge that when they purchase any diamond products from us that it is a certified diamond that has been acquired without the abuse of or loss of any human life anywhere on the planet.

Why bother with a certified diamond?

That question has been posed by many and the simple answer is this: as a third-generation family business, we have not acquired nor do we intend in the future to acquire diamonds by means of transgressing the basic human rights acts of any individuals.

For any customer who buys a diamond that is not a certified diamond the message that you send to the illegal diamond miners is that their methods of acquiring diamonds through murder and exploitation are acceptable.

Purchasing from Marlows will give you the peace of mind to know that as a certified diamond specialist, there was no blood shed for your specific investment. Always consider the plight of these people in underdeveloped countries and purchase certified diamonds from a certified supplier specialist like Marlows.

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