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There are Times When it is OK to Take Wedding Rings Off

Published by MarlowsDiamonds at Apr 07, 2022

Most people who have been lucky enough to be presented with beautiful diamond wedding rings intend to wear them for the rest of their lives. Women in particular are usually expected not to take their wedding rings off, and of course, few want to be parted from these most treasured possessions. However, there are a few situations when it’s best not to wear your ring.

Pure gold does not tarnish so you don’t need to worry about that. However, it is quite soft and can be scratched and damaged by contact with hard surfaces. Rings can also be tricky to clean when dirt or oil gets into the setting, so if you’re digging in the garden or kneading bread dough for example, it is best to either wear gloves or set any diamond rings aside for a moment.

There are also times when a ring can get lost. Swimming is one of them. Cold water will reduce blood flow to the extremities. That means your fingers will shrink a little and wedding rings can easily slip off. In some other sports wearing a ring can actually be dangerous. For martial arts and rock climbing, to name only two of the many, wearing a ring can risk serious damage to the finger if it catches on something. Again it’s best to take your ring off if you engage in these pursuits.

You don’t have to worry about losing your ring though. In fact, you don’t even need to stop wearing it. If you find that it’s sometimes better to remove a precious ring, why not invest in a simple gold or silver chain so you can wear it around your neck for a couple of hours? It keeps it safe from harm and you’ll know where it is at all times.

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