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Solitary beauty of a diamond

Published by MarlowsDiamonds at Apr 07, 2022

It is difficult to describe a diamond without using cliches as the beauty and brilliance of a diamond never fades. Diamonds are simply the hardest material known to man and can withstand just about anything.

This has led to a diamond being considered the perfect stone for diamond engagement rings. With a diamond, a man says that no matter what happens and what blows they will have to face, his love is as pure and strong as a diamond.

Perfect solitaire

Solitary; a diamond solitaire engagement needs no embellishments to detract from its perfection. Of all the stunning designs in diamond engagement rings available, the solitaire is considered the true classic and timeless elegant ring to give a woman. At Marlows Certified Diamonds we make sure that every diamond we sell is a certified diamond; that is our guarantee.

There is a large variety of different cuts to choose from for a solitaire diamond engagement ring. You can choose princess, emerald, marquise, heart, pear and radiant cuts. The metal is a personal choice and we offer options of white gold, yellow gold and titanium. The most popular setting we have is the prong setting, but the options for bezel, arched, flush and tension settings are also available.

Diamonds are valuable and setting them in precious metals makes it an investment. That though, is not what makes a Marlows certified diamond so valuable. It is the symbolism of a solitaire diamond engagement ring that makes it priceless in the eyes of the woman that will wear it. Perfect beauty set in precious metal is the physical symbol of everlasting love she will proudly wear for the rest of her days.

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