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Real men wear wedding rings

Published by MarlowsDiamonds at Apr 07, 2022

Jewellery fashions have come and go throughout the ages. There was a time in history when men wore satin, silk and brocade and their jewellery rivalled that of women. This was completely normal.

Then things changed and until after World War II it was simply not done for men to wear any forms of jewellery, especially not wedding rings. Men wearing diamond wedding rings was simply unheard of. It was all a rather drab and boring time for men’s fashions in clothes, jewellery and everything else.

Thank goodness trends have changed. That is why we at Marlows Certified Diamonds are able to bring a stunning range of men’s wedding rings and men’s diamond wedding rings to suit each taste and need.

How to choose

The traditional wedding rings for men were simple, plain yellow gold bands, but this has changed greatly in recent years. Today men’s wedding rings can come in plain and with diamonds. With us you can choose wedding rings for men in yellow and white gold, as well as platinum. Platinum is the most popular choice of precious metal for wedding bands for men.

The reason being that platinum is very durable and is scratch resistant. On average, men lead lives where they are active at work and at play. This makes platinum – that does not lose its shine and does not have to be polished or cleaned regularly – very appealing.

We also take into consideration with our designs that men that want diamond wedding rings prefer a setting that will not snag. That is why we offer many designs that give a smooth feeling with the diamonds being set with a Bezel setting that hold the diamonds extra secure.

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