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Love Cuts Deeply

Published by MarlowsDiamonds at Apr 07, 2022

The cut of diamonds refers not only to their shape but more importantly to their proportions and symmetry. These are determined by the natural shape of the original rough diamond. Sometimes it takes years for the cut to be finished as the cutter has to assess what is the best cut needed to bring out the fire and brilliance of the stone. If a cut is either too shallow or too deep, some light leaks out and the stone is dull. The correct depth bounces the light from facet to facet, producing that deep fire so characteristic of pure white diamonds.

Some famous diamonds have been notoriously tricky to cut; the Centenary diamond, discovered in 1988, had to have a special underground cutting room built at the De Beers Diamond Research Laboratory in Johannesburg. The cutting tools themselves took one year to make as it was important that no vibration or temperature variation should interfere with the actual cutting. Thirteen designs were produced and the eventual shape was a modified heart with 247 facets, the most ever cut. The cutting techniques used were a combination of the latest electronic machines and the oldest hand technique of kerfing.

The same care in cutting that went into this most valuable of diamonds is lavished upon each diamond, but may be not with similar facilities. 70% of all diamonds in the World come through Antwerp, the renowned diamonds cutting centre. You do not have to go that far to buy your diamond engagement rings as we at Marlows have a huge choice of diamond rings, loose diamonds and engagement rings to ensure that your love is deeply cut forever in diamonds.

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