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Engagement ring styles

Published by MarlowsDiamonds at Apr 07, 2022

For the purposes of this article we will discuss two settings which is the Channel setting and the Cathedral setting.

An engagement ring set in the channel setting is a very common design because it is so useful which makes them very popular.

An engagement ring set in this design consists of a line of diamonds inlaid into the band with small metal lips that keep the diamonds in place. A diamond in this setting is sturdier than higher settings because they are set into the actual ring which also helps protect their girdles from chipping and snagging which over time can cause the stone to loosen.

A diamond set in this style helps mask or conceal minor flaws which mean that a cheaper diamond can be set beautifully, but this type of ring is difficult to clean and should be removed when working with harsh chemicals.

A diamond set in a Cathedral design is one of the most elegant choices for an engagement ring because of its simplicity. The band of the ring splits to form an upper and a lower segment with an arch between them. The lower band is worn on the finger while the upper part contains the central mounting in which a solitaire diamond is placed. The degree of the arch differs in height from a subtle split to one that contains elaborate curves leading up to the diamond. Quite often these curves contain other stones which enhance the solitaire diamond and make this type of ring truly beautiful and precious.

This type of setting helps illuminate the diamond by not restricting the light that enters it, which in turn enhances its brilliance.

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