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Diamond Industry Insight – 1st July 2015

Published by MarlowsDiamonds at Apr 08, 2022

For many diligent consumers, responsible sourcing of diamonds and gemstones has become paramount in decision making about buying jewellery, currently more so in the USA than the UK or other parts of the world.

With the issues of forced child labour and violence against women commonly reported in diamond mining regions, in addition to diamonds still being sold in exchange for arms in various countries, the responsible consumer has become more vigilant to where their diamond or gemstone comes from. As a result, the Jewellers Vigilance Committee (JVC) was set up in the USA to take complaints from consumers as well as from trade organisations and businesses which relate to failures to comply with standards that apply to the jewellery industry. These complaints include exaggerated diamond reports, failure to disclose treatments in diamonds and gemstones, or misrepresentation of products through false advertising.

Although no such body represents the trade in the UK barring the London Diamond Bourse (LDBC) to an extent, it is common sense law that prevail. This makes the retailer or jeweller as a “specialist” responsible for the items they sell to the consumer. This responsibility extends to the procurement of diamonds and gemstones from ethical sources, knowledge of the origin of diamonds and gemstones as well as guarantees in relation to product description. At Marlow’s, we provide all of the above. We have a separate section for Canadian diamonds with the Canada Mark guarantee in addition to the promise that all our diamonds are sourced from Diamond Trading Company (DTC) sight holders who have very strict controls on ethical diamond mining. Each diamond and gemstone sold at Marlow’s go through a rigorous quality control procedure to give consumers the peace of mind that they have purchased a product sourced ethically at extremely good value in addition to correct product description. Come and talk to us about if you are in doubt about your diamond or jewellery.

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