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To D or not to D

Published by MarlowsDiamonds at Apr 08, 2022

Pippa Middleton's recent engagement has sparked a surge of interest in her ring. The first
thing one notices and discusses when an engagement is announced, whether you are
famous or not so famous, is the central rock. How big is it? What's the colour? Is it flawless?
The design and other criteria linked to the engagement ring are discussed in almost every
household with the announcement of an engagement. Hence, like it or not, 'the ring', in our
opinion, is of paramount importance, not only to the bride and groom but to all associated
with them; be they friends, family and or even jealous foes.

Pippa's Square Emerald or 'Asscher' cut diamond, from afar looks about 4 carats in size,
without tint, and perhaps flawless. Having an estimated worth upwards of £200k; aptly suited
for her social standing.

For us other mere mortals, one has to choose the central diamond carefully so that it creates
an effect of magic, adorned on the third finger of the left hand.

Here, we always stress to go for the higher colour over higher clarity adhering to the budget
in mind. Out of the 5C's, the most visible is the Carat and Colour. Some blemishes will not
be visible to the naked eye immediately, but a tint of colour is visible. Size does matter,
whatever one might say. This is the reason we predominantly stock rare white colours
between D and F, and our largest sales by volume are D colour diamonds. This becomes a
talking point among friends and family. "Oh, I have a D colour diamond, the best a girl can
get", and the clarity is then not spoken about, unless it's a Flawless Diamond of course! The
focus is then placed on the colour with praises all around.

Again bearing in mind the D colour should be certified by the GIA lab, not any other so that
you know that the D colour is actually a D and not an F, G or even H. We always advice you
to go for colour first, then carat and finally the clarity with any diamond purchase and
balance them out to fit your spend. For example, if you are looking for a one carat G colour
VS clarity diamond within your price range, rethink and look for a one carat D or E colour
and SI clarity diamond for a similar price. At Marlow's most of our SI diamonds are visually
stunning to the eye. Again, if you are searching for a half carat diamond, rethink, search
clever and look for something slightly smaller like a 0.45 in a better colour and clarity.

Here at Marlow's we take pride in our knowledge about diamonds and can advice you
accordingly as to the best shape, size, colour and clarity to suit you. A visit will be worth your
while even if driving hundreds of miles to come to the heart of the Jewellery Quarter in
Birmingham. One of the most important decisions in your life should not be left to chance
online, rather should be seen visually for 100% satisfaction and confidence that you have
made the right choice.

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