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How to Buy Fine Diamond Jewellery in the 21st Century

Published by MarlowsDiamonds at Apr 08, 2022

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Google and other search engines have made it so easy for novices to become experts at anything. You can search for a headache remedy on Google and it will provide millions of answers in a few seconds which seemingly will solve all your problems. So, if you are you one of the statistics that scours diamond and jewellery websites for months before deciding on which supplier to choose, carry on reading This is where most new age jewellers are cashing in. Marketing companies, especially in the USA have changed the traditional goalposts for buying jewellery. These days, diamonds can be manmade, lab grown, CVD or synthetic and these are now being promoted as being “ethical”, even by De Beers, the original natural diamond company. What they don’t advise unsuspecting consumers is what is the residual or inherent value in these “ethical” diamonds?

Say for example you have a £1000 to spend on an engagement ring. You have a dilemma as you get carried away by the “ethics” of diamond mining which you have no clue about, only things you have heard or read online. You can either choose to buy a 0.50ct natural diamond with an accompanying GIA report which has been ethically mined and supplied by approved Kimberly Process approved suppliers or you can buy a “lab grown” 0.70ct diamond. The decision should be really simple as the “ethical lab grown” diamond has no inherent value and you may as well choose a synthetic diamond in silver for £50 and save the £950.

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Again when you are searching for a diamond online, all online companies show you the cheapest diamonds first. There is a reason for it. No one else wants it!! The best diamonds at the best prices have already been bought by serious diamond buyers around the world.

The humble British public think that they have a great bargain in their hands, but sadly again; they end up with the worst diamond in the world which no one wants at a cheap price. They may as well have spent the money elsewhere.

Now, the wise way to buy diamonds and jewellery. Spend weeks and months doing research online and short list 2-3 suppliers that you would like to approach. Look at their bank balance, net worth, how long have they been in business for and online reviews. Usually all proper diamond and jewellery companies will be able to make bespoke pieces from ideas or pictures you have so don’t waste too much time searching for the product you want with the supplier that you want to choose. Any reputable established jeweller will be able to manufacture any piece of jewellery from scratch at the same price. Your first search should be for an established reputable jeweller preferably with a bricks and mortar store where you can go when you want to without having to make an appointment if there is a problem in future. Once you have found the right product and the right jeweller, start negotiating. From your online research, you will already have a vague idea of prices that you should be paying for diamonds and use this knowledge wisely. Push where you can and accept where you need to. You will end up with a fantastic piece of jewellery which you will cherish forever at the right price. And have fun along the way.

At Marlows, we are always here to help you find the right item that you are looking for, at the right price, so give us a call on 0121-2364415 or 020-74051477 today to find out how we can help.

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