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The setting is a personal choice

Published by MarlowsDiamonds at Apr 07, 2022

The choice of an engagement ring is incredibly personal between the man and woman and, as such, there can never be a right or wrong setting for a proposal. It is simply what both of them want and whether it is a solitaire or a multi-stone diamond engagement ring, it will be beautiful and perfect.

When it comes to choosing the setting though, the couple often have to make decisions based not only on beauty. They have to think of the woman that will wear the ring and what her lifestyle is. That is why we bring the widest possible selection to our clients to make the choice easier.

Logical choices

The most popular setting for a solitaire is the prong setting as it allows the diamond to refract the most light. A new trend is the tension setting and is quite beautiful, but should be custom made. The bar setting for an engagement ring is very similar to prong setting, but instead of prongs you have bars holding the diamond in place.

The important aspect of the bar and prong setting is that it should accentuate the diamond and not overpower it. Another variation of the prong setting is called the V Prong. The prongs look like a curved V when viewed from above and is mostly used for diamonds that have a pointed shape.

If the woman has an active lifestyle and wants to have her diamond set extra secure, the perfect setting is the Bezel setting. With the Bezel, the metal band is literally wrapped around the diamond, so it is secure at all times. This setting keeps the diamond from exposure so that the edges cannot be snagged and cause damage.

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